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Choosing a platform to begin the blogging journey was the first step that I had to undertake. As a developer I think sometimes I spend too much time doing research and trying to find the “perfect” option.

After going through, what seemed like, every blogging platform in existence I settled on using the Hugo Static Site Generator and hosting it for free on GitHub.

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What is a static site generator?

A static site generator is a program that takes your content (usually in the form of a Markdown file) and compiles it all together with your layouts and CSS. What you are left with is a static website. This means that all of the HTML/CSS and folder structures are static pages. They are delivered to the browser exactly as they are stored.

David Walsh has an excellent write up on his blog that goes into more detail about Static Site Generators including their benefits and their limitations.

GitHub as a website host

One of the nice things about using a Static Site Generator is that you don’t need a database to deliver the website content. GitHub has a nifty feature called GitHub Pages that allow you to host static content using a GitHub repository.

GitHub Pages Website Picture

It was a little on the technical side to get set up and running and I don’t know that I would recommend it if you’re looking something that you can jump in to and just start creating content.

I will be creating a more technical guide to getting a blog up and running using these tools if anyone is interested.

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