GitHub Action: Build and Deploy .Net Core to Digital Ocean

This is a Github action that will build, publish and deploy an Asp.Net Core web application to a Digitial Ocean droplet that is running Ubuntu.

This snippet requires a couple of things be set up.

  1. SSH on the sever using an SSH key
  2. User with access to the target deployement directory
name: Build and Deploy ASP.NET Core to Digital Ocean

on: [push]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@v1
    - name: Setup .NET Core
      uses: actions/setup-dotnet@v1
        dotnet-version: '3.1.100'
    - name: Build with dotnet
      run: dotnet build --configuration Release
    - name: dotnet publish 
      run: |
        dotnet publish --configuration Release -o outputDirectory
    - name: Push code to Digital Ocean
      uses: appleboy/scp-action@master
        HOST: ${{ secrets.REMOTE_HOST }}
        USERNAME: ${{ secrets.REMOTE_USER }}
        PORT: ${{ secrets.REMOTE_PORT }}
        KEY: ${{ secrets.SERVER_SSH_KEY }}
        source: "outputDirectory"
        target: "/var/www"
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